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Hope for a Hurting World

Bible Teaching

In Honor of Johnny--Dedicated to Maria

September 21. 2021

A special friend of ours who was suffering from severe Covid-19 went to heaven today.

This doesn’t seem like the best way to start a piece on hope, but let me explain. daily devotionals

At just 61 years old, Johnny was so full of life. He had the kind of funny, joking (or teasing) personality that always wore a smile. He was kind-hearted and generous, always willing to help someone in need. In fact, that was how I met Johnny and his family when they so graciously came to my need as I was returning to college in my 40’s to become a dental hygienist. They were integral to my success by offering their support--not only to me, but to one of my fellow classmates as well. Johnny was also active in his church and was a loving, caring husband and father to his four children.

But, Johnny himself would’ve told you that none of that is what made his entrance into heaven possible today. You see, Johnny had a strong and abiding trust in the saving work of Jesus Christ. He knew that he was a sinner, not on his way to heaven because of any good in himself, but because of the perfection of his Savior. He knew Jesus lived a perfect life on his behalf and then sacrificed Himself to die on a cross and take the punishment we all deserve. Because of that perfect sacrifice, Johnny knew his faith in Him atoned for all of his sins. Johnny knew that no matter what life brings--even in the midst of a global pandemic, or surrounded by a broken society, division, wars, natural disasters and even death--he had a hope that could never be taken away. He knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that when the Lord called him home, he would be with Him forever. No more hurting, no more crying, no more pain--no more death.

And that is the hope we can ALL have in this sometimes chaotic, always broken world. That is hope that can never be taken from us no matter the hurt around us. Hope in Jesus, an eternal perspective, and a perfect future in heaven forever. That is the hope that Johnny had.

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