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Is God the Center of Your Life?


And let us bring again the ark of our God to us: for we enquired not at it in the days of Saul. 1 Chronicles 13:3

There are seasons in our lives when the cares of this world distract us from God. Parents of young children, busy executives, daily laborers, those struggling with physical ailments, or even adult children caring for aging parents are all situations where it may be easy to neglect our time with God. But these are the times we need Him most. Without God at the center, our lives can become stressful and lack true purpose and direction. 

We see this in our world today as more people fall away from our Lord and His truths. David realized that in King Saul's time before him, the people of Israel had been neglecting the ark of God, where His presence dwelt among them. He summoned the congregation and made plans to bring the ark back to Israel. He knew the importance of having God at the center of their lives and nation.

Have you been feeling distant from Him lately? Have the cares of life burdened you and made finding time in His Word challenging? Make it your priority today to go to Him in prayer and His Word. Entrust Him anew with your cares and your life. 


Father, please be in the center of my life every day.

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